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Deceived and dumped: Five British women betrayed by their Gambian men
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Deceived and dumped: Five British women betrayed by their Gambian men

There is something odd about Gambian-British marriages. They just don’t seem to work. Here are five British women who were allegedly deceived and dumped by their Gambian husbands.

Denise Hardwick

She said she spent more than 10,000 pounds chasing "Mr. Right" in The Gambia. And, in 2011 she met Badou, a hotel worker and tennis coach. He was 15 years younger than her, but they got married anyways. In less than two years, they parted ways and Denise rushed to the media to share her story.

Julie Dag

According to her, she was left heartbroken and down 20,000 pounds after falling for musician Lamin Sidibeh while on holiday in The Gambia in 2007.

'He was physically very attractive, athletic, attentive but I was very cautious that this was a holiday romance,' she said about Lamin.

He moved to the UK after they tied the knot. Julie alleged that the marriage crumble immediate he (Lamin) got his indefinite stay from the Home Office.

Mary Cotnoir

She told the British media that her marriage to one Demba Sanneh started collapsing when he was refused visa to the UK.

According to Mary, her toyboy was only interested in her money and the possibility of starting a new life in England.

‘Looking back now, I can’t believe I did something so stupid. But I’d been alone for so long, and it seemed so exciting, that I got carried away. When I said to my friends I was going to marry Demba, everyone told me not to. They said, “Why are you marrying him?”, and my response to that was “Why not?”


Her passion for the African music took her to The Gambia and unsurprisingly, she fell in love with a drum master and married him.

Like many other British women, Diane brought her husband to the UK. But three years into the marriage, she allegedly found a note in his bag detailing how he could divorce her and legally remain in the UK.

Polly Francis

She said she was old enough to be his mother, but that did not stop Polly from marrying Lamin.

“I know I’m old enough to be his mum and that people must think I just came here looking for a toyboy but I didn’t. I fell in love. He is a gentleman — quiet and strong, my best friend.”

And Lamin, 33, said: “I love Polly. I call her ‘the wife’. The men who marry for the wrong reasons are trying their luck. “I don’t blame them. But Polly and I are real. She makes me happy — she is wonderful.”



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