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Did this missing couple join ISIS?
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Did this missing couple join ISIS?

A young Bundung couple, who had travelled to North Africa, have gone missing and some of their friends suspect they might have joined ISIS.   

Dawda Jallow, who many described as a hardworking young man with big ambitions, left for Morocco in 2015 to further his education. He later invited his wife, Jarai Camara to join him.

Their families have not heard from them for more than a year.

One of his childhood friends told to What’s On-Gambia: “He left for a fellowship program in 2015 and was expected back in the country the next year.”

When asked whether his friend had any ties with ISIS, he responded: “I don’t think Dawda would register with a terror group. He’s a peace-loving man, who would never subscribe to any type of Islamic extremism.”

Families, friends and well-wishers are still trying to locate the young couple. If you know anything about where they might be, you can contact What’s On-Gambia


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