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Meet famous Gambian men who believe in polygamy
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Meet famous Gambian men who believe in polygamy

Monogamy isn’t for everyone, and that applies to many of our famous men in politics, entertainment and sport.

Check out these celebrities who refused to stick to one woman. The 3rd  man on our list might surprise you.

Pa Goreh Mbaye

He’s a famous UK-based event organiser. According to a source, Pa Goreh has three wives and nine children.

Modou Barrow

Modou became a polygamist shortly after his Premier League debut. He recently took a third wife, Saffie Mbye.

Hon. Mai Fatty

Not many Gambians are aware that Mai Fatty has two wives. The Interior minister is famous for keeping his family out of the spotlight. However, a reliable source toldWhat’s On-Gambia: “One of the women lives in France.”

President Adama Barrow

He’s the country’s numero uno polygamist. President Adama Barrow will never ban polygamy in the country as long as he is in State House.

Alhagie Manka

Reliable information reaching What’s On-Gambia revealed that the famous photographer has finally retired from polygamy. He’s now sticking to one wife: Matty! 



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