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DJ Fireman says “Backway Boys” are heroes!
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DJ Fireman says “Backway Boys” are heroes!

“They are heroes!”

That was DJ Fireman’s description of “backway Boys”, some of whom were recently deported from Germany after their asylum requests were rejected.

In an interview with What’s On-Gambia, the popular DJ said: “The reasons why they took the back way to Europe is to lift their families from poverty. I have huge respect for them and that is why I call them heroes”

He continued: “Some of them are the breadwinners of their families. So we need to speak against the deportation of our brothers in Germany and other European countries.”

In a recent press release, the government denied rumours that they signed an agreement with the European Union to deport Gambian citizens.

“The government of The Gambia wants to make it categorically clear that these allegations are baseless rumors being bandied by detractors seeking cheap political popularity.

“The Gambia Government has neither signed any deportation memorandum nor received any monetary rewards from any European country as is being continuously alleged by these detractors."

“I don’t trust the government,” said DJ Fireman, who is widely believed to be the Gambia’s numero uno reggae DJ.

According to him, some families sold their land, animals and valuable assets to send their sons to Europe to look for better opportunities.

“The last time the boys were deported I was so sad. There is nothing here for them.”

Sources revealed Germany is planning to deport another group of Gambian migrants next month. But this is yet to be confirmed by the government or the European Union office in The Gambia.


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