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Ebou Jallow: Jammeh is a narcissist, he should stop this childish nonsense game
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Ebou Jallow: Jammeh is a narcissist, he should stop this childish nonsense game

Former spokesperson of the AFPRC Junta, Captain (Retired) Ebou Jallow, now National People’s Party (NPP) surrogate, pulled no punches when he weighed in the crises engulfing the former ruling party, Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC). 

In his last episode of the Sun Xalaat show, Jallow put the blame squarely on former President Yahya Jammeh’s head for the crisis. He alleged that Jammeh is undermining the APRC executive under the leadership of Fabakary Tombong Jatta by arming another faction to revolt against the nominal leader on the ground. 

“This is typical Jammeh. This is his command strategy, by knocking heads together, create division and mistrust within, this will give him overall control of everybody. 

“Yahya Jammeh is a narcissist. He displayed all traits of a narcissist. He should stop this childish nonsense game. He should wake up to the reality that he is no more the President and doesn’t have control or influence over people as before. Even if he were to come back today, things are not going to be the same. He has been deposed and replaced with President Barrow.” 

Jallow further claimed that Jammeh gave his blessing to the APRC executive to begin coalition talks with the NPP, but he went behind their back to create the Pa Modou Mbowe faction and told them something completely different. 

“The reason Jammeh is giving mixed messages to different camps is that whatever happened he will take the credit for it,” he alleged. 

He said Jammeh is behaving as if he owns the APRC and its supporters which is further from the truth. 

“I am the brain behind the formation of APRC. It was Tamsir Jallow, Baba Jobe and myself who did all the background work to form the party. Jammeh was presented with a finished article, but typical of him, he took all the credit.” 

Jallow urged Jammeh to accept that rights violations happened under his watch. The likes of Koro Ceesay were gruesomely murdered. So, if President Barrow wants to brush all that under the carpet and give him blanket cover in return for his support, he should’ve jumped at the chance the first time asking. 

Jallow does not share the concern of some APRC supporters that coalescing with NPP could be the beginning of the end as the party will eventually be dissolved into NPP. 

His concern is the fate of the first family should the coalition fail to materialise and President Barrow loses the election. 

“There is no way Barrow can win without the support of the APRC. If these talks failed to yield desired results, and the UDP wins, God forbid, President Barrow, Fatou Bah Barrow and all their inner circles are all going to jail,” he cried.


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