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Ex-friend: Nancy Nanz’s infidelity caused marriage crash
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Ex-friend: Nancy Nanz’s infidelity caused marriage crash

Fans were shocked when What’s On-Gambia reported the packing up of the marriage between Nancy Nanz and her Gambian-born Germany-based semester husband.

Many speculated it was the husband who dumped her to look for a new woman to grace his bedroom.

It now has emerged Nancy Nanz’s marriage failed because she was having a fling with a Norway sugar daddy who she met on Facebook.

According to a former friend who spoke to What’s On Gambia on condition of anonymity, unreasonable behaviour on Nancy’s part destroyed the union.

She said:  “Nancy was having a boyfriend in Oslo call Nobel Roberts.  If you check her photos, you would see she was once in Scandinavia. She lied to her husband that she was going to perform in Sweden.”

The ‘Sinaa Musoo’ singer became so wild and hardly listened to the father of her two children after she arrived in Germany, she added.


“She cut all contacts with her in-laws and childhood friend, Mariama Corrah, who was always there for her,” she said.

The former friend said Nancy was dating another Gambian migrant in Sweden.

She said: “It was not her husband who invited her to Europe. It was the guy in Sweden. It was from Sweden, she came to Germany pressurising her husband to sign her last child’s birth certificate.

“The child was born in Germany and Nancy wants to use the child to get German residential permit. This was why she came to Germany. Any other thing you heard is not true.”

She continued: “The husband loves his kids so much but Nancy blocked him from seeing them. He is doing everything to see them. There are many secrets I will tell you later, but please keep me anonymous.

”Nancy is currently struggling to make ends meet.

“You know what? All what you see her wearing and posting on Facebook are from Primark, the cheapest shop in Europe. She buys only when they are on sales. Please tell her to visit other shops like Zara and H&M,” she said.

Nancy has now dumped her sugar daddy, Nobel, and currently living with a Nigerian man in Essen, she disclosed. 


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