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Fatou Dibba is back! The former famous GRTS presenter breaks the silence
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Fatou Dibba is back! The former famous GRTS presenter breaks the silence

Fatou Dibba was a household name in The Gambia. The mother-of-one was in broadcasting for many years, and she hosted some of the most impressive programs on GRTS.

Her break into broadcast journalism occurred when she was just 15. After a spell on Radio 1, Fatou moved to television.

Since she left the country for the USA in 2003, the former GRTS presenter has been keeping a very low profile. But now she is set to return to radio broadcasting.

We took some time to talk with Fatou Dibba about her media career, family, and among other things.

What’s On-Gambia: Fatou, thanks a lot for making some time for this interview. How are you doing?

Fatou: I am great, Thanks for having me.

You remember when you used to say: "This is Fatou Dibba for GTV news" (laughs)?

(Laughs) Oh my goodness, those were the days! I think we had a couple of name changes before we finally settled on GRTS. That was a long time ago. But those were fun times.

What have you been up to recently?

Nothing media related, however I am working on compiling some short stories that I wrote and maybe getting them published someday.

You were one of the most popular faces on GRTS. How does it feel now to be living a quiet life in the USA?

A little less exciting perhaps, but I also needed a break to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. So no complaints. I am doing some new fun things and I have had some great experiences.

Fatou Dibba

Would you mind to share with us how your interest in presenting started?

Do not laugh, but when I was a child, there was this newscaster on RTS who I admired so much. I would sit in front of a mirror with a newspaper and I would read the stories out loud and pretend that I was her. And then at age 15, I got a Job at Radio 1 FM. I don't think people realized how young I was then. Anyway, I walked up to George, the owner, and timidly asked him to hire me. I was so nervous. And of course if you know George, he did not make it easy for me. But what a relief when he said "Okay come in tomorrow". I literally had a silly grin on my face all the way home. And I am forever grateful to George for taking a chance on a teenager with a dream. He is awesome.

So you started at Radio 1 before Lamin Manga?

Yes I did. Lamin is my ndo. (He is going to get me for saying that)

You have done both TV and radio; can you please give us a brief overview of some of the programs you presented?

On radio, I was mostly a DJ. I did some interviews and I also did the Oldies show on Sunday's. On TV, I was a producer/ reporter /presenter. I also read the news, hosted the Request Show with Harona Drammeh and did the kids and youth programs. I did a bit of everything really.

What do you think of the current state of the Gambian media?


There's a lot going on but we have come a long way.

You are now part of a new online radio, Askanbi. How did that happen?

Alhaji Jassehcontacted me and asked me if I would be interested. I said sure, why not? It is a great initiative and I am excited to be one of the people managing Radio Askanbi with him. And I know I am going to enjoy working with everyone -Elpacco, Ebrima Jawo, Amie Cherry and some other amazing people. We are a team!

So you're back in the media?

(Laughs) It looks like it.

What should we expect from Fatou Dibba of Radio Askanbi?

Well my talk show The Dialogue is going to deal with a variety of topics. Mostly human interest issues and Interviews. There is also a Wollof version called Dialogeh (jah lo geh) But in general expect non-stop fun with Radio Askanbi. We have some really good people joining us and some amazing shows for you.

Fatou Dibba

How is your child doing?

My daughter, Nana is doing great. I am thankful. Thank you for asking.

Is Nana named after the former film producer, Nana Ofori-Atta?

No. She is named after her grandmother, my mother. I am half Swazi.

Half Swazi? Can you elaborate, please?

My dad went to university in Swaziland, met mum and married her and brought her home to The Gambia.

Have you ever been to Swaziland?

Yes I have, but not for a long time now. I have family there.

How old is Nana now?

She is 14 going on 15.

A big girl! Are you still in touch with some of your old GRTS colleagues?

Yes, thanks to Facebook. Most of us keep in touch with one another.

Who among them are you closest to?

One of my closest friends and old colleague is Yadicone Njie.

Yandicone Njie? Was she also a presenter?

Yadi was a presenter too, but she was not there long. We built a lasting friendship beyond GRTS. But I want to say as well that every one of the ex-GRTS staff are my friends, even if we are not that close anymore, we appreciate one another. We had an awesome team back then.

Anything you would like to tell your fans?

I appreciate you all very much. I certainly could not have done it without my fans back then, nor can I do it without you now. Love and respect to all of you. Stay positive, spread the love.

Also please check out Radio Askanbi, which will be launched officially in May. You will not be disappointed. Meanwhile, you can go on and listen to music selected by the amazing Elpacco.

Good luck to you and the Askanbi team!

Thank you, Alieu. I really appreciate you as well.

To listen to Radio Askanbi click http://radioaskanbi.com/.


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