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Fatou Jawo: “I wouldn’t blame anyone
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Fatou Jawo: “I wouldn’t blame anyone

The marriage scandal involving Fatou Jawo and Sheikh has been trending nationwide stretching as far as the diaspora and neighbouring Senegal.

In a recent interview with What's On-Gambia, Fatou said she would not blame anyone because many do not know her own side of the story. She said people only judged based on what they heard.

"I did not speak out or respond to the allegations that went viral on social media because I was advised by my legal representatives and family not to respond…the matter was already presented to the court; responding was deemed unnecessary at the time.

"Speaking out now is simply to let people hear my side of the story and as well as ease the tension."

Fatou, a final year student at the University of The Gambia, said it is rather unfortunate that the court ruled the way they did without considering some of the evidence she presented before them.

However, she commended the maturity and attitude of her friends and students of the University for standing by her in what seems to be the most difficult phase in her life.

 "I am only human and this allegation did affect me a bit both mentality and physically."

"I knew it was not going to be easy with all the allegations towards me and my family but we thanked the Almighty for making it easy."


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