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Femi Mahoney: I have forgiven Yahya Jammeh!
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Femi Mahoney: I have forgiven Yahya Jammeh!

“Yes, under his regime, human rights abuse became the order of the day. However, I must also acknowledge the fact that, he brought us to a nearly twenty-first century development, which the Jawara and I suspect the Barrow regime will never near.”

These are the words of one of former President Jammeh’s most outspoken critics, Femi Mahoney. In a Facebook post, he told his 5000 followers that he has forgiven the former leader, who currently lives in Equatorial Guinea after losing the 2016 presidential election.

However, Femi offered his prayers to the victims of Jammeh’s 22-year-old rule saying “I also pray for solace and strength for the Jammeh's victims and hope they get the redress they seek.”

One of his followers, Musa Leigh commented:  “I forgive his excellency former President Jammeh, when he came into power Gambia had No airport, No good hospitals, few high schools, No university, bad roads - he took Gambia from nothing and made it what it is today.”

He added: “Gambia needs a strong leader to discipline some folks just look the way they are behaving all over social media insulting innocent people, this only happens in the absence of Jammeh,”

But some of Femi’s followers argued that Jammeh should be extradited and dumped at Mile 2 for his alleged human rights violations.


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