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Five things you didn’t know about Mamma Kandeh
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Five things you didn’t know about Mamma Kandeh

Mamma Kandeh is arguably one of the most charismatic politicians to ever emerge in The Gambia.  His Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) managed to become a dominant force in the country’s political ring despite being the youngest political party – formed a few months before the last presidential election.

The Jimara-born politician has a pretty good chance of becoming the next president of The Gambia. In this edition of What’s On-Gambia, we present to you five things about him that many Gambians don’t know.

Relationship with former president Jammeh

One of the reasons why the GDC leader was expelled from the former ruling APRC party was his refusal to dance to Jammeh’s tune.

“I never spent a night in Kanilai. What brought me and Jammeh together, during his early years in power, is our desire to contribute in developing the country.  That was what brought us together!”

Jammeh’s money

Mamma has never received a single butut from the former leader during and after his stint with APRC.

“The first and only time Jammeh’s money landed in my hand was before I was expelled from the APRC. He wanted to buy some cattle in my area (Jimara) and he called me to help. He sent one of his men and I made the arrangement.”

Relationship with President Adama Barrow     

The GDC leader and President Barrow are from the same district – their home villages are less than 2km apart.

“We know each other very well. Our families are still very close.  I usually visit his mum whenever I am in Jimara.”

Favorite football team

Mamma Kandeh is a die-hard Barcelona supporter. In 2012, he paid 260 euro to become a registered member of the team.

“I also love German teams. You know I once lived in Germany and closely follow the Bundesliga.”

Favorite food

Like many other Fulas, the Jimara-born politician loves cherreh with fresh milk.

“I can eat that at any time of the day. It’s my favorite. I also love Super Kanja.”


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