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Former GRTS presenters: Where are they now?
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Former GRTS presenters: Where are they now?

Across television newsrooms, having a cute face has become an unmistaken ingredient to attract audiences. GRTS is not an exception. In the state broadcaster, news reading has long been a woman’s job. What’s On-Gambia takes a look at some of the former female presenters who had dominated the television screens, offering a visual appeal to the Gambian audience.

Neneh Macdouall-Gaye

Neneh had more than 10 years of experience working in television broadcasting. She anchored different talk shows and presented news on GRTS before taking up a ministerial job.

After serving as Minister of Communications and Information Technology for three years, Neneh was redeployed to the USA to serve as The Gambia’s Ambassador in Washington DC – a position she held for less than a year.

In 2011, she returned to television hosting an online talk show, Talking Point Africa USA. Unfortunately for her, the show flopped after a few months. She returned to the simple life of living with her children in America.

In January 2015, Neneh was recalled by President Jammeh and appointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Fatou Dibba

She was unquestionably one of the sexiest news presenters. Fatou was married to Tombong Saidy, who was then the director general of GRTS. They were the power couple of Gambian media.

The mother-of-one is now based in the USA enjoying life. Fatou is planning to return to The Gambia to start her own charity.

Ya Abbis Njie

We’re not exactly sure what Ya Abbis is up to. But according to her Facebook account, she was studying in the USA.  

Fatou Camara

She was the nation’s darling. The femme fatale moved to the USA after losing her job as the presidential press secretary for the second time. She used her popularity on social media to start her own online radio, Fatu Radio.

Fatou Camara, who had a successful media career before she left the country, is now more famous for her online spats and controversy-stirring comments. She knows how to play the gender card.

Jainaba Jallow

Do you remember Jainaba Jallow?  Of course, you do! The most beautiful young woman to ever grace our TV screens. She was brought to GRTS by her cousin, Rahilu Bah.

Jainaba was linked to many wealthy and successful Gambian men before she got married to banker, Mohammed Gilen.

She left GRTS to work with TAF Construction, where she was responsible for selling the houses at the AU Villa.

Jainaba moved to the USA shortly after her marriage with Gillen ended.

Rahilu Bah

The ever-smiling Fula beauty was the presenter of the popular Breakfast Show. She left GRTS after bagging a scholarship to study in Ghana. Like most of her former colleagues, she is also based in the USA.

Now a mother, Rahilu has taken a step back from fame.

Fatou Touray

She left GRTS less than three years ago for reasons unknown to the media. Fatou was the presenter of Goudi Samedi, a weekend entertainment show that was sponsored by GAMBEGA.

Her famous sponsorship deal with GAMBEGA was made possible because she was dating the company’s Ghanaian-born managing director, Seth Adu Baah.

Fatou is now living a quiet life in the USA, minding her business.

Jainaba Nyang

She was a role model to most of junior staff at GRTS. Jainaba was undoubtedly one of the finest news presenters.

She has done relatively well since leaving GRTS in 2002. After working with UNDP for five years, Jainaba moved to Action Aid International–The Gambia, where she currently heads the Communication and Documentation department. 


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