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Gambia gets a new Instagram queen
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Gambia gets a new Instagram queen

You have probably seen her provocative photos on Instagram, right? Sukai Wadda is unquestionably Gambia's newest Instagram queen.

In one of her recent photo albums, the US-based beauty left very little to the imagination, which certainly didn't go unnoticed by her male followers.

"Nice body," wrote Instagram user, Bonydaff17.

However, one Ousman Jabbie wasn't impressed. He wrote: "Girl don't let this dunya fool you."

According to her Instagram account, Sukai lives in Nashville, USA. She calls herself the Wadda Girl and claims to be representing Pipeline.

"If you ain’t a check, I ain’t chasing ya!" she wrote.

One of her followers told What's On-Gambia: "I started following her not long ago to spice up my Instagram feed. I just love her photos."

Unlike other Gambian girls on the photo and video-sharing social networking website, Sukai knows how to sport a bikini which keeps her male admirers happy.


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