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Gambia’s Omid Wisdom creating a storm with new video “No Be Lie”
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Gambia’s Omid Wisdom creating a storm with new video “No Be Lie”

Creating a storm, Money Empire, Gambia’s newest record label signs Omid Wisdom and releases first single and video No Be Lie featuring Senegalese Artist Nix. No stranger to the Gambian music industry, Wisdom has released several top hits over the years working with an array of producers and artists. 

However to see No Be Lie at number 6 on the ITunes chart just weeks after its release shows that fans not only like the song but are buying the song. The single and video have received support from every major media outlet in The Gambia and Omid Wisdom feeling very good about that. The video will now premiere in Senegal on Wednesday, March 5th on LOBS TV which is hosted by Gambian actress and celebrity Afrodeezy.

No Be Liehas a banging beat produced by Passa Beatz but the overall message is to achieve a better version of yourself.  The song is geared toward his lady fans encouraging them to love and believe in themselves. No matter what you look like, embrace yourself.  Omid Wisdom glorifies the bodies of our women and praise them however he also focuses on honoring the minds of the women and their intellectual capacity.

“How your body banging, but your mentality is also worth the monetary.   Mamacita see your body, no be lie,” from No Be Lie.  “Your body is not a lie, no fake breast, no fake lips, no fake butt,  no bleaching, just natural,”  as Wisdom explains the meaning of the song. “I de crazy for your matta cuz your body is not a lie, no be lie.”

There is also focus that the goal of dating the women is to marry them. The song carries creative expressions, promoting the values of marriage.  “I want to marry her because of her body and mind. The Creator has blessed her body,” sings Omid Wisdom.

Omid Wisdom’s style is Afro-swing with a balance of alternative world music, dancehall, hip hop with afro-fusion, Afro Beats, Afro trap, Afro mbalaxa.  His musical journey began in 2012 and has been very interesting because he started out as hard core conscious hip hop artist. He dedicated his first album Born Free and  3 mix tapes called Chronicles Vol. 1-3 to uplifting the youth and spreading positive messages.

“I started off as a social political conscious artist, focusing on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  I sponsored youth and their school fees.  My fan club and I would take on disaster relief projects during the rainy season and fires, giving clothes and other things to the people in need. We have worked with Red Cross and CAID,” explains Omid Wisdom.

He was the first artist to give the youth the constitution of the Gambia as a response to the police brutality and the violence against the youth.  He also observed a lot of girls getting pregnant at an early age without husbands and organized a project with the SOS Mother and Child clinic.  He would advocate for family planning, sex education in the schools and the morning after pills.

Omid Wisdom continues, "I was not doing commercial songs and the conscious music was not that lucrative.  I worked with NGO’s and youth organizations, but I learned that you can only truly help people if you have money." 

Working with a number of top producers like Hakim for Sunland Music, Dixza from Alien Zik, Platinum R.IP, Gibou from Daddy Bibsum R.I.P, Indy Official, Hot Beat out of Norway,  Dark Energy based in UK of Wutang Clan and more.  Omid Wisdom has built a name for himself and has been nominated annually for best video, best song and has several awards from the Gambian Music Industry.

No Be Liefeatures Nix, one of the hottest Senegalese rappers, born and raised in Dakar. He started his solo career in 2003, releasing his first studio album "Black Crystal" that had a huge success in the French-speaking countries of West Africa. Since then, he has released 7 other musical projects and received 14 nominations and 6 awards in Senegal.

 Omid Wisdom is now taking his career to the next level working on more commercial music that is fun yet inspirational at the same time. No Be Lie will surely rock your body and mind. 

No Be Lieis available on iTunes and all other digital platforms.

https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/no-be-lie-feat-nix-single/1451632148and on Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/Lie-Omid-Wisdom-feat-Nix/dp/B07NDP77GX

For more information contact Money Empire Manager Olimatta Taal at 220-735-4396 or [email protected]






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