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Gambian promoter AJ Correa sues the Gully God, Mavado for breach of contract
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Gambian promoter AJ Correa sues the Gully God, Mavado for breach of contract

Famous US-based Gambian concert promoter, AJ Correa has instated a suit against sensational Jamaican singer Mavado for breach of contract.

In a lengthy email sent to What’s On-Gambia, AJ alleged that the Jamaican superstar’s manager had tried to scam him out of thousands of US dollars.

According to him, he paid them $36,000 for two concerts in the USA.

Read below the e-mail, Aj Correa sent us:

“This is my story booking broke ghetto yoot #mavado and his unprofessional scammer manager #jrskeng. After paying them $36k for two shows, manager kept trying to nickle n dime me, first insisting on booking flights (which was not in contract) then sending me a 7k flights total amount but when asked to provide itinerary, went on the defensive n somewhat abusive. Later turn out manager was trying to scam money from me by over charging and pocketing difference, but upon investigations through the help of airline assistant, tickets were almost around half price. Even though the contract initially stated two large rooms and marriott, manager insisted on no marriott as they can’t smoke in marriott.

OK finally i checked them in Lax Hilton! in the morning hotel manager informed me that artist manager was in the Lobby trying to charge my credit card on file to book more rooms. I told him not to call police n when i call manager, he again denied n kept lying. on the day of show he came into club with almost 40 people but only 6 travelled as per contract, when confronted he pulled out a cut out paragraph on his phone as contract, but i checked contract n no mention of complimentary tixs. we have been promoting show for 8 weeks n not once has artist mentioned any of shows but continually posted all shows prior n even a day after ours. yet he managed to covertly inform his free paying customers to attend.

Right now i filed a lawsuit for breach of contract n want to warn future interested promoters of the unprofessional n rude nature of artist, manager n crew. i have been professional all throughout with all the bullshit! Artist never mentioned our show or showed excitement about meeting his LA Fans. he instead went on stage bashing a white promoter who been in the game before they were even born. with all the legal, immigration n personal issues looming over artists head, fans were asking him, if he was really in California but he chose to say nothing. what artist does that. Atleast respect your fans if not promoter.

Even tried shopping around for more shows for artist but no one wants to f**k with artist. He has been taking promoters money and not showing up on show nights. As we speak i heard an arrest warrant has been issued in Africa for artist due to no show. so fans choose which artist you want support. don’t be fooled by all the hype we are about to takeout “gullyside” for good! Bunch of broke niggas pretending to spend money they don’t earn, pretending to buy things they can’t afford and trying to impress women they can’ t have! will smith. being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity! you can take the man out of the bush, but never the bush out of the man! Gorrilas in a 5 star hotel!”


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