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Gambian with courage – Bankole Thompson
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Gambian with courage – Bankole Thompson

Gambian with courage: He's undoubtedly The Gambia's most successful young journalist in the USA.

Bankole Thompson is an award winning journalist who has had series of sit-down interviews with Barack Obama. He has also interviewed prominent Americans like civil rights leader, Rev. Jesse Jackson and former US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice.

The former Daily Observer reporter is also the author of 'Obama and Black Loyalty' published in 2010, and his recent book 'Obama and Christian Loyalty' with an epilogue by Bob Weiner, former White House spokesman.

Bankole, who once attempted to contest for The Gambia Students' Union (GAMSU) presidency, is now the editor of the Michigan Chronicle and political news analyst for different radio stations.

Respect to the brother!


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