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Gee flops in Sweden…why low turnout at star rapper’s show?
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Gee flops in Sweden…why low turnout at star rapper’s show?

Gibou Bala Gaye, best known as Gee is the favorite young musician in The Gambia, performing to large crowds with screaming fans. Last week, however, he was surprised that only few turned up to his debut concert in Europe at the Swedish capital, Stockholm. 

A prominent Gambian DJ pointed to recent conflict in the Gambian-Stockhom community as one of the possible reasons why some people decided to stay home.  He said: “As you are aware the Gambian Organization in Stockholm (OGIS) is currently having two chairpersons and they all claim to be the legitimate leader of the organization. Gee was invited by chairperson Mariam Cole and unfortunately she is no longer popular among Gambians.” 

A clueless Gee arrived in Sweden, hoping to have a successful show that would catapult him to international fame. According to a reliable source, he was shocked to find less than 150 people in the hall. 

A die-hard Gee supporter, Bob Trawally, who was at the show told What’s On-Gambia: “To witness Gee’s first international gig is an honor I’ll forever cherish. I was a little disappointed by the turnout considering the population of Gambians in Stockholm.”

Bob added: “I heard there was a little problem within the Gambian community (nothing surprising) and some decided to boycott it. I have no idea how true that allegation is though.” 

A leading Gambian event organizer in Stockhom, Omorty Thompson dismissed the rumor that some people were out to sabotage the show. He said: “In showbiz you have to deal with the right people. The people who brought Gee are not connected to people in showbiz.” 

A disappointed Gee is back in The Gambia, preparing for his final gigs before the month of Ramadan. 

In a similar development, Jalex also had a disappointing attendance at his show on the 22nd June, 2013 in Basel, Switzerland.  The afro-manding singer’s popularity is shrinking. 

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