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Gina Bass is the world’s poorest Olympian
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Gina Bass is the world’s poorest Olympian

While most of her fellow Olympians in other countries are driving luxury cars and sleeping in houses with indoor toilets, Gambia’s Gina Bass is languishing in poverty.

Despite bringing millions of Dalasi to the Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC), the Olympian receives almost nothing in return.

Sources revealed to What’s On-Gambia that Gina, who represented the country at different international athletic events including the Rio Olympics, uses public transport to go training at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

“She only wears cheap clothes because she can’t afford anything expensive,” said a source.

The Olympian, who attended Jamisa Upper Basic School in Brikama, is from a poor family in Kombo Central. One of her former teachers told us: “She is very hard working and loves athletics. I wasn’t surprise when she became the fastest woman in the country.”

A source close to the GNOC revealed: “The way our national athletes are treated by the GNOC is downright outrageous. They are likes slaves that are won by them.”

Gina was recently among the athletes that represented The Gambia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games that ended on Sunday in Australia.  


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