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Barrow’s family shocked by GDC win in Julangel
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Barrow’s family shocked by GDC win in Julangel

There were tears in Mankamang Kunda as GDC’s Ebrima Manneh was announced the winner in Julangel in the recently held local government election.

It was a sad mood at President Adama Barrow’s home village. They were inconsolable and many of his family members and neighbours appeared to be in dumbfounded shock.

Ebrima Manneh from Koro Jula Kunda – a village less than 10km from Mankamang Kunda- won with an overwhelming majority.

The president who had high hopes of UDP wiping out GDC in Jimara constituency, where Julangel ward is located, was accused of “crying over spilt milk” after news emerged that the newly elected councillor and some alkalos in the area were arrested and dragged to court for post-election violence.

A resident of Julangel ward, who spoke to What’s On-Gambia, said GDC’s victory shows how strong, how deep-rooted and how appreciated Mamma Kandeh’s party is in Jimara.

Reacting to the arrest of Ebrima and his supporters, one Saikouba Ceesay wrote on Facebook: “President Adama Barrow arresting village heads, village elders and active youths will not help you. It will only project you to be feared, hated, ad totally disliked.”

Former newspaper editor, Alagie Yorro Jallow also wrote: “President Barrow must stop the arbitrary arrest and intimidation of the opposition members of GDC. It is wrong for government to declare war on the opposition and strip GDC elected members of all privileges they are entitled to. It is regrettable that the country is being led in the wrong direction.”


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