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GRTS bosses allegedly spent more than D1.5m on US visit
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GRTS bosses allegedly spent more than D1.5m on US visit

GRTS bosses have allegedly spent more than D1.5m on their recent US visit – while moaning about lack of funds for expansion and improvement.

Information reaching What’s On-Gambia revealed they splashed out taxpayers’ money on return tickets, hamburgers at MacDonald’s, accommodation, taxi and per diems.

“Over D1.5m was spent to take ten people to the US. Most of them who went were not doing anything there, apart from watching TV and surfing through their mobile phones,” said an insider who begged for anonymity.

According to the insider, they wanted to protest but some of them were afraid of losing their jobs.

“We wanted to call the senior management for a meeting to explain to us how they spent that amount in the USA, but it failed because many were dragging their feet.”

Giss Giss axed from GRTS

One of the most popular talk show, Giss Giss has been pulled from GRTS’ schedule. On Saturday, 3rd March, the host Ansu Jack told fans, “The Giss Giss production team wishes to apologise unreservedly for not airing the usual Giss Giss programme yesterday, Friday 2nd March 2018. This break in transmission was due to unforeseen production challenges.”

He continued: “We aim to be back on air as soon as these challenges are addressed and ironed out. Please be rest assured that you our audience will be kept informed of all developments.”

Many fans took to social media to moan about the axing of the talk show.

One of the most outspoken critics of the Coalition government, Yunus Hydara wrote, “why is Giss Giss no longer airing on GRTS? This show is becoming one of my favourites on TV and I hope whatever dispute there is, is resolved quickly to have the show back.”


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