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Haddy Conteh – a celebrity loved and hated for her patriotism
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Haddy Conteh – a celebrity loved and hated for her patriotism

Haddy Conteh had been living in political obscurity until the past few weeks when her name started bouncing around on Facebook. But who is this woman who is loved for her show of patriotism and hated by cyber warriors - online political activists – who see her as another ‘Jammeh-enabler’.  

Well, Ms Conteh is a Gambian based in Sweden. She works in the health sector like many other Gambian migrants in Sweden.  She shot to online fame through Facebook videos.

Now Haddy has more than 10,000 people actively following her on social media. She floods Facebook with her opinions on life and national patriotism. Typical of the current political environment, the videos have drawn controversy.

Who are Haddy’s haters?

They are mainly political activists in the Diaspora, who hate to see others portraying The Gambia as a peaceful and beautiful country. They obviously want the outspoken woman to join their bandwagon and press for a regime change in the country.

One of them wrote on Facebook: “I’m really not feeling the vibe around this lady , I have a feeling that she has an agenda but time keeps no secret. For now I give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Another political activist added: “And some small minds out there think we are haters or jealous of her achievements!! What does she achieved anyway? Losers!!!”

Meanwhile, Haddy is currently in The Gambia and recently organised a setal settal at the Old Jeshwang Cementary. She was widely praised for her patroitism, but not by the political activists.

PPP’s Saul Mbenga is particularly not quite impressed with her philanthropic activities in the country. He wrote: “Those that are well intended goes to Gambia and volunteer or donate Fii Sabi Lilahi their quotas without fanfare or headline news on FB or publicity stunt on GRTS.”


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