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Has Princess Shygle embraced the hijab?
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Has Princess Shygle embraced the hijab?

Princess Shygle has been photographed wearing hijab, sparking rumours that she might soon embrace Islam. 

The photograph was uploaded on Facebook last week, just a few days after a presidential announcement that all female civil servants should cover their hair.

Although the Nollywood actress is not a civil servant, she has close ties with the government.

According to a social media commentator, who keenly follows Princess on Instagram, the chances of her ditching tight, sexy clothes for the hijab are very slim.

“Remember, this girl is not beautiful facially. It is only her body that is attracting attention and I don’t think she will ever think of covering it,” said the social media commentator.

The actress is a Catholic, but since she started her acting career she has been spending more time in the gym training her waist than seeking God’s blessing. 

Princess is famous for flaunting her bountiful behinds on social media attracting hundreds of male admirers every week. According to some of her critics, her famous ass is not natural – she is using butt-padded underwear.


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