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Help give the gift of life: Fundraising for one-year-old Zakaria
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Help give the gift of life: Fundraising for one-year-old Zakaria

Zakaria is a one year old patient with a potentially life threatening condition. He suffers from congenital imperforated anus (no anal opening) which makes the natural process of bowel movement an impossible task for this one year old. He currently has surgical opening in his abdomen to help with this process. This opening makes him vulnerable to secondary infections and further complications that threaten his life.

This child needs a series of surgeries to save his life. Unfortunately the medical facilities in the Gambia are not equipped to handle his case. He requires treatment overseas and the family doesn’t have the means to fund the cost of saving their child’s life.

There are many cases like him; children in constant pain and discomfort, and without your help, it’ll be another tragic case that could be avoided with timely intervention.

Fund for Hope was set up to raise funds and sponsor underprivileged children like Zakaria. Funds were raised for an 11 month old boy last year, his case was a resounding success and for the first time since birth, he was given a chance to normal childhood and he is enjoying it thanks to donors who helped save him.

He has lived an impaired first year of his life, let us join hands to save his life and give him too a chance to a normal life.

Please join the Fund for Hope family by donating to give health and hope to a child in dire need.

Our fundraising target is $10,000. You can donate to this cause either by using a debit/credit card or by making a bank transfer online or via a bank branch.

To donate using a debit/credit card please press the link below.




To donate a by making an online transfer or a cash payment in a bank branch, here are the banking details:


Wells Fargo Bank

Fund for Hope

Account no: 8584572617

Routing number:  054001220


Mr. I Sallah

Sort code: 206651

Account number: 40115797

Barclays Bank Uk

The Gambia

Mr. Baboucarr Sallah

Eco Bank

Account Number:  0063014903695001

PayPal payment: [email protected]

Thank you for helping us save a life.


Fund for Hope

Contact info:

United Kingdom: Babou Njie Sallah +447411669749

USA:Haddy Mbowe 00 1 (240) 299-8436, Natta Mass 001 (402) 507-0442, Fatou Jaw Manneh - [email protected], Mommodou Krubally - [email protected]

The Gambia: Matty Jobe - [email protected]

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