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Here are the best clinics to have a baby
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Here are the best clinics to have a baby

Are you pregnant and thinking about where to give birth? Here are the best clinics in The Gambia to give birth in.

Bundung Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Jammeh Foundation)

They have one of the best antenatal care services in the country. At Jammeh Foundation, women are always encouraged to have their husbands involved during labour and birth.

Bafrow Medical Centre

They have a clean clinic with CCTV cameras to monitor their staff. Pregnant women are always treated with respect and dignity at Bafrow.


They also have very clean and decent rooms for delivery. But Afrimed is not a place for the average Gambian.

Mbowen Clinic

The owner - former health minister, Dr Mbowe- is one of the finest and most experienced gynaecologists in the country.

Pacala Clinic

They have good laboratory service. Their gynaecologist, Dr Abdoulie Secka is among the best. Pacala is the safest clinic for mothers with diabetics.

Westfield Clinic

One of the oldest private clinics in the country, Westfield Clinic also has a good maternal service.  They offer outstanding care for expecting mothers.

Momodou Musa Memorial Clinic

Run by Dr Baba Njie and Dr Alasan Njie, the clinic always offer advice and support before and during labour


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