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Hilda Savage finally unveils her husband!
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Hilda Savage finally unveils her husband!

Fashionista and TikTok sensation Hilda Savage has caused a buzz online after unveiling her husband to her legions of followers for the first time. 

Hilda, who frequently featured her son in her TikTok videos, had kept her husband out of the public eye since their marriage. But this changed last week when she decided to share a video showcasing her partner. 

The video, which shows the couple riding an escalator, quickly went viral, racking up over 100,000 views in just three days. In the video, Hilda playfully said: "You see my man? He's always hiding his face. Always. My baby is always hiding his face."

Fans were quick to react. One follower commented: "Ahh, finally I see your husband! I always thought you were with a white man." 

Another wrote: "Handsome husband. May Allah bless your marriage with beautiful kids."

Hilda is one of the most popular Gambian fashionistas on TikTok with nearly 500,000 followers. The unexpected reveal of her husband left fans eager for more glimpses into her private life. 

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