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Swedish girl: “I’ll Never date a Gambian!”
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Swedish girl: “I’ll Never date a Gambian!”

In a TikTok confession, a Swedish girl declared she will never bring a Gambian boy home to meet her parents.

When asked which nationality she would avoid dating, the Swedish girl didn't hesitate, branding Gambians as “dangerous.” The interviewer was quick to challenge her, but the damage was done.

TikTok quickly erupted with reactions from Gambian users. One fired back: “We Gambians don’t even want to date you. For sure Gambian boys are very dangerous in bed. You got me.”

Another proudly commented: “We are the Smiling Coast of Africa, but one thing we don’t take is nonsense.”

This viral clip confirmed that Gambian boys are no longer popular among the Swedes. They are often accused of being players with loyalty issues.

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