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I converted my white British husband to Islam
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I converted my white British husband to Islam

A young Gambian woman has disclosed she converted her British husband to Islam shortly after they started dating.

Kumba Ormeleigh told What’s On-Gambia: “Alex converted before we got married four years ago. He is a good Muslim and we always pray together. Some of my friends said I am lucky to have a husband who regularly performs his five daily prayers.”

The young woman revealed they bumped into each other at Wizkid’s debut concert in The Gambia at the Independence Stadium in 2015. After a whirlwind romance, they tied the knot at a mosque in Bakau New Town.

“It was his first time in The Gambia and we were both at the stadium to watch Wizkid. I am lucky that he is now my husband. Alex is caring, loving, truthful and honest. We have a lot of things in common.”

Kumba further disclosed she now lives with her husband in Surrey, England.

“I arrived in Surrey last year and I love the place. My husband also loves The Gambia. I cook Gambian food regularly for him. He also enjoys listening to Jali Madi Kanuteh.”

The couple are currently warming up for this year’s Ramadan. 


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