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“I don’t have time to pay attention to negativity:” Haddy Faye breaks the silence
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“I don’t have time to pay attention to negativity:” Haddy Faye breaks the silence

After successfully bringing one of the biggest afro beats stars to The Gambia, entrepreneur and CEO of Absolute Entertainment, Haddy Faye does an EXCLUSIVE interview by Fanta Jarjussey about hosting Wizkid. Read below:

Haddy, welcome to What’s On Gambia, there has been so much talk surrounding you and your company Absolute Entertainment lately and it’s all for a good reason – Wizkid. How did you get an artist that big to come to the Gambia?

I know right? The idea first came about last year when I met with Wizkid’s former boss during a trip to Geneva, Switzerland. From there, I was linked with his manager and after negotiations and conversations, thank God it all came together.

From the beginning there were rumours surrounding this concert, some people didn’t even believe that Wizkid was coming!! With all the rumours and gossip, how do you deal with the negative side of so much attention?

It was so funny because he even posted on his social media about how excited he was coming to perform in The Gambia and people still doubted us! At the end of the day, I’m so busy with work and focused on my goals that I didn’t have time to pay attention to negativity. I just ignore it and keep it moving! Actions speak louder than words so I let my actions speak for me.


How did you and your team manage the Star boy, his team and all the hysteria that was surrounding him during his stay? Was it difficult?

Was it difficult? Not at all.  Actually, the craziness began at the airport when he arrived and then it took us two hours to check into the hotel. Fans were outside till early hours of the morning and that all just showed how excited everybody was. My team and I handled the crowds with the help of security and the police. During his stay, I allocated members of my team with different roles to ensure that everything ran smoothly. I always have to use the best people for the best jobs and therefore my team is diverse talent wise.

The logistics of the actual concert must have been stressful…How long did it take to organise that side of things?

Actually, this was my most organised concert yet. It wasn’t stressful at all because I have done this before. It wasn’t my first time at the stadium and it wasn’t my first time hosting a large-scale event. All in all, the logistics and organisation took a month.

Why did you choose to bring Wizkid in February?

The Gambia was celebrating its 50th independence anniversary and as a citizen of the country, it was befitting of such an occasion to bring in an international superstar as big as Wizkid to celebrate in grand style. Apart from the pomp and pageantry, I also felt it was important for everybody to celebrate and enjoy but especially for the youths. This was my way of including them in the general populous to feel a part of the special moment.


Your Absolute Entertainment team consists mostly of women and young girls, was that a conscious decision you made and why?

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a girl’s girl and I love to support women. I am a feminist and I like to see women winning. We should always strive to support each other but I do have guys on my team too, not leaving them out completely (laughs)… and they are also very supportive of me, which I appreciate!

I can personally say that as a freelancer, working with you has been an absolute pleasure. What would you say sets you apart from the other entertainment companies?

What sets us apart is that we are in our own lane. The only competition Absolute Entertainment has is ourselves. Always striving to do bigger and better than our last and that’s what we will continue to do.

Absolute Entertainment is a part of your brand - You also have Absolute Glam. Do you plan on expanding the brand anytime soon?

Of course I do. That’s the goal and it will come at the right time.

We’re sure you have more under your belt, when can we expect the next event?

There is a huge surprise coming so just watch this space!! I would like to thank all Absolute Entertainment fans, my team and everybody who is supporting us. Nothing I do is possible without you. We will continue to make you all proud In sha Allah.



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