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Ida Riley under fire for insulting President Barrow
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Ida Riley under fire for insulting President Barrow


Diaspora Banjulian, Ida Riley is no stranger to controversy. She has strong opinions and is used to causing a ruckus.

But with her latest Facebook video, many Gambians online are saying she’s gone too far after she insulted President Adama Barrow.

Ida was responding to remarks made by the president during a meeting with the Gambian community in Turkey, in which he suggested that Banjulians contributed very little to ending Jammeh’s 22-year-old.

“He’s not a president. He doesn’t deserve it. You are a slave. You are a donkey. You don’t know what to say. You are not a leader. You came to power to divide Gambians,” Ida fumed.

She also described Barrow as a village boy from a dusty part of the country, whose life was transformed after moving to Banjul.

“You are an accident president, who can’t even articulate himself in English.”


Ida’s video has been making the rounds on social media garnering a huge and overwhelmingly negative response from Gambians.

Germany-based journalist, Assan Sallah wrote on Facebook: “There is a difference between constructive criticism and rudeness. What some people are doing is absolute rudeness.”

One Fatima Touray also commented: “My sister you seem to be a very senseless person. If you are a good Muslim you would not be insulting a president. I don’t find anything sensible in all the rubbish you uttered from your donkey brain. What a shame to know that people like you exist.”

Another supporter of the Coalition government, Musa Darboe said: “May Allah help Ida Riley with understanding and patience. Any of our leaders be it Barrow, Sallah, Kandeh, OJ, Darboe and the list goes on should never be insulted.”

He added: “The way to instability starts with few fools pretending to be brave and Shaitan will come in easy. I would urge everyone to pray for Ida Riley and her likes. Why is it so difficult for people to just wait till next elections to show their love or anger at the polls?”


Ida has refused to apologise to the president. In a recent Facebook post, she wrote: “I don’t owe apology to no one.”


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