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Is Haddy Conteh the most kind-hearted Diaspora Gambian?
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Is Haddy Conteh the most kind-hearted Diaspora Gambian?

She’s becoming famous for her pretty big heart.

While on a visit somewhere near Turn Table in Brusubi, Haddy Conteh noticed a heavily pregnant women begging on a pavement as pedestrians walk by.

Without hesitation, she approached her and immediately struck up a conversation that was broadcast live on Facebook and watched more than 40,000 times.

The pregnant beggar revealed to the Sweden-based philanthropist that she turned to begging because her husband, who was the breadwinner of the house, was having serious complications after a surgery.

“I come here every day with my children to beg.”

Haddy, who was very worried and saddened, went into her purse to take out money and handed it to the woman. She suggested she take the money to go back home and cook food for her family.

As she was explaining to the woman how she could help her change her life, some other female beggars also came forward to explain their stories to Haddy and her Facebook live viewers.

The encountered inspired her to launch a fundraising for the women.

The Sweden-based young mother won widespread praise for giving the beggars her hand and lifting them off the ground.

Outspoken political activist, Pa Modou Jobe (PMJ), who shared the video, wrote: “At about 4 minutes into this video, my heart was already devastated. Check this video and tell me if it is alright for children that should be educated, given clothing, shelter and other basic needs to be in the streets begging?

“Do we care enough? Are we doing enough? Listen to these children and tell me if I have time to protect politicians or parties...? I am beyond perturbed right now.”

However, there were some people who criticised Haddy for repeatedly showing the women and their children on Facebook live.  But in a subsequent video, the women revealed they gave her their permission to turn the camera on them.


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