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IGP sacks country’s most beautiful police officer
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IGP sacks country’s most beautiful police officer

The country’s most beautiful police officer, 1st Class Constable Fatoumatta Jallow has lost her job.

The young beauty, who joined the force shortly after completing her senior secondary education, was shown the door for alleged acts of indiscipline.

A police insider told What’s On-Gambia: “Her five-year contract ended recently and she applied to be re-engaged, but it was refused. Her file showed that she had several charge sheets (disciplinary records).”

The insider added that the reasons given for Fatoumatta’s dismissal from the Gambia Police Force were justifiable.

“The police is supposed to be an institution of discipline. It would be a bad record for anyone to get several charge sheets in the first five years of service.”

However, Fatoumatta told journalists that she was denied re-engagement for only one reason: refusing to work on former President Jammeh’s farm in Kanilai.

Responding to her, the police spokesperson, Foday Conta said in a press release: “It does not make an iota of sense for any police officer to be discharged or punish in this era for the former president when they could have been punished adequately during his regime. In fact, there is no charge sheet amongst the numerous charge sheets in Fatoumatta Jallow’s personal file that connects to Kanilai farm.”

According to Conta, when the young constable applied for re-engagement, they went through her file and discovered it contained more than eight charge sheets all of which has nothing to do with Kanilai.

Fatoumatta was one of the youngest women in the police. She received training in both The Gambia and Sweden.


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