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Imam impregnates mother and daughter?
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Imam impregnates mother and daughter?

Dr Lamin Conteh has invoked the ire of his social media followers on Monday when he claimed that an iman impregnated a mother and her daughter.

The US-based political activist wrote: “Is it true a custodian of a Mosque in the Gambia slept with a mother in a Mosque and impregnated both the mother and daughter?”

He added: “I have a video.”

Dr Conteh quickly attracted widespread criticism from followers, with one writing: ''Stop exposing stupidity, how can a big man like you be asking this kind of nonsense."

Another follower, Lamin Ceesay commented: "Please immediately remove this post. Allah SWT forbids it.”

“Brother are you not a Muslim you are exposing Islam stupid fool idiot,” added one Oboy Barrow

Another follower, Ousman Jawara accused the controversial activist of being unethical, writing: “Prof. Conteh, personally I have a lot of respect for you. This post is just unethical!”

Dr responded: “In my view, the truth must be told. Would you like to watch the video because I have it?”


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