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Top 4 hottest young male celebrities
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Top 4 hottest young male celebrities

Let’s look at the top four most handsome and hottest young male celebrities. They have won the hearts of thousands of girls across the Greater Banjul Area.


He is an upcoming musician. Yaffa is a former student of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School. He’s considered to be extremely handsome.

Ibrahim Ceesay

Widely believed to be the most handsome young man, Ibrahim is a model.  He once worked as a flight attendant between Banjul and London.


He recently got married, but Barhama still remains popular among young girls. He is a musician with a charming personality.

OG Log

He has that charming cute look with dashing personality. OG Log is a rapper. Like Barhama, he’s also married.


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