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Inside the Ports girls’ lavish lifestyles
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Inside the Ports girls’ lavish lifestyles

From expensive cars, designer clothes, accessories, shoes, smartphones, and luxury holidays to Dubai and Istanbul, the Ports girls have no shame in displaying their stolen wealth.

In a country where the majority of Gambians struggle to make ends meet, female employees at the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) appear more than happy to flaunt their ill-gotten riches on social media.

On Friday, March 11, some of them were arrested by police for allegedly stealing over D400 million in a fake receipt scam. After a marathon interrogation at the Seaport police station, they were released on bail.

One of the girls, who was also arrested, recently splashed over D1 million on an outrageously extravagant baby naming ceremony. Her friends from the Ports arrived at the venue in their luxury cars bought with stolen money.

She nearly went viral for wearing over 15 different fashionable outfits for the naming ceremony.

An insider at the Ports disclosed: "These girls have no shame. They steal taxpayers' money to live lavish lifestyles."

The girls involved in the fake receipt scam are currently under suspension. The GPA management disclosed last week that the police are assisting them to locate and recover the stolen millions.

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