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Interview: Brain Kracka talks rumoured beef with GEE and mixtape launching
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Interview: Brain Kracka talks rumoured beef with GEE and mixtape launching

We had the opportunity to chat with Brain Kracka a.k.a Bai Babu, the upcoming rap mbalax star best known for his single Dama Yii. In this interview he tells us more about himself, his music, rumoured beef with Gee and his mixtape launching that is scheduled to take place on the 30th November 2013 at the Alliance Franco. Read the full interview: 

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us a little about yourself? 

Bai Babu: My name is Babucarr Sambou, I was born the 18th November 1989. I attended Lulus Nursery, Serekunda Primary, St Therese’s Junior and SOS Senior. 

What inspired you to take music as a career? 

I was inspired by the ills and wrongs in society, so I decided to take music as a weapon to speak for the people. 

Nice! You launching a new mixtape,  Dama Yii. Can you tell us more about it? 

Yea, I’m launching my debut mix tape on the 30th November at the Alliance Franco inshaalah. The mix-tape will be a 15 track CD, featuring only Gambian artists like Gee, Tam50, MLK, Manding Morry, Musa Afia Ngum, P Makaye, Lyrical Papi and Ashley. 

DAMA YII is about blending our rich cultural instruments with western hip-hop. As you know my genre of music is RAP MBALAX. So Dama Yii basically talks about the importance of bringing cultures together. 

What is it about you that sets you apart from other artists? 

I’m just doing me and I research a lot. I don’t look down on any artiste. Every body has his or her own way of doing music so I stick to what I know and do best. 

Is it true you’re having a beef with Gee? 

HELL NO! Gee is like a brother to me and we even have a song in my mixtape. If I have a beef wit him I don’t think I will put him on my mixtape. It is all rumours! He is a cool lad that always stands for his rights and I respect him for that. 

Why is he not invited to perform at your mixtape launching? 

He will perform on that day - come November 30 inshallah. 

Now to the mixtape launching, how far with the arrangement? 

Everything is working out well just doing the finishing touches. I already started training with the band and the promotions are on high gear. 

Are you expecting a good turnout? 

Yea, I’m expecting a huge turnout. 

Do you have plans for new projects? 

I will go on a nationwide tour after the launching, so that people upcountry can get access to the CD and see me performing live. Expect greater things from BAI BABU, next year. 

Final words? 

First, I would like to thank my management, my family and loved ones. I can’t do this alone. Thanks to my ever-willing manageress Sue Breeze. T town my hood and thank you What’s On-Gambia. To my fans Bai Babu will always do what he does best because you guys put me to the test. Dama Yii, 30th November............am out! 

Photo courtesy of Banjul NightLive 


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