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Interview with Sameera: The girl with the soft and beautiful voice on radio
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Interview with Sameera: The girl with the soft and beautiful voice on radio

Despite the many developments in the Gambian entertainment industry, dj’ing is still a field that is dominated by men. For many young Gambian women, choosing a career as a DJ or Radio Presenter is not an overnight decision. In this edition of What’s On –Gambia, we want to present to you Sameera, a young DJ/Radio Presenter that is among the few brave girls plying the dj’ing route. She has one of the softest and most beautiful voices on radio.

“I’m a Radio Presenter and not a DJ.” This was what she told us when we met her for a chat. Despite being one of the most trusted hands at Star FM, Sameera is still struggling to accept that she is a DJ.

The 21-year-old started her career at Vibes FM, where she was a News Presenter before having her own show dubbed Gambian Vibes. This was a show that was out to promote Gambian music.

“I have a strong passion for Gambian music, “she said.

After six months with Vibes FM, she decided to quit.  The young DJ took a short break and later joined Star FM on Kombo Sillah Drive.

“The manager of the radio invited me on board. At Star FM I present the news, promote Gambian music and I am also part of the radio’s marketing team.”

With much practice and dedication from the day she first went on air, Sameera has flawlessly mastered the art of radio dj’ing. She delivers music with attitude, style and grace.  . Here we bring you the chat we had with her:

DJ Sameera 2

What’s On- Gambia: Would you mind to tell us little about yourself?

Sameera: My real name is Fatou Jallow, but many people know me as Sameera. I was born in June 1991 in Banjul and now I am living in Bijilo. I attended Glory Baptist School.  Shortly after I left there, I secured a job as Secretary at MSE Printing Company. I started working at Vibes FM in February 2011 and left in August of the same year.

Why did you quit?

I prefer not to talk about that.

What makes Star FM different from other radio stations?

We are stars ….(laughs). We have qualified managers with long experience in the Gambian media. The staff is mainly made-up of Senior Secondary School graduates and they have all undergone media training organized by the Star FM management.

You are widely known for promoting Gambian music on air. What is good Gambian music for you?

(Laughs) Something that carries a message. Some Gambian musicians are out to gain fame and nothing else. So I know what to play and what not to play.

Who are your favorite Gambian musicians?

Gee, Manding Morry, New Era, Cyco, T Smallz and Mighty Joe.

What do you think of the non-ending rivalry between Gambian musicians?

It’s not doing us good. We are not yet where we want to be, so the rivalry is only going to waste our time.

Sameera is on Star FM every Saturday from 17:00-19:00 (Gambia Rek).

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