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Fatou Camara in astonishing Facebook rant
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Fatou Camara in astonishing Facebook rant

Fatou Camara, the Fatu Show producer and presenter, went into a meltdown on Facebook, launching an extra ordinary rant.

She lashed out at her critics calling them ‘desperate women.’ The popular TV presenter wrote on her personal Facebook profile: “I hate when desperate women try using people believed to be ‘in power’ in their unnecessary fights against other people. I cannot be intimidated cause I believe so much in myself and what I do. You have tried it all, I guess it’s time for y’all to know that your threats and plots don’t move me. I am sorry that you are still living a miserable life, but hey that’s what you get for being greedy and not getting your own, total happiness, that’s the price to pay..stop taking your frustration out on me…”

Since then the post has been attracting a steady stream of fans weighing in:

Njie Nsz Modou: Thick skin is the solution – ignore them and move on ..if people try to bring you down it simply means you are above them.

 Article Slice: Sis you a strong star gal keep your head up and be yourself.

Muhammed Jatta: Wonderful dear, it’s good that you tell them the truth.

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