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Introducing Gambia’s own DJ Mario
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Introducing Gambia’s own DJ Mario

The deejaying industry is unquestionably becoming a cut throat industry. We have hundreds of DJs emerging every day and they all claim to be the best. Competition for gigs has become nasty.

But who are the DJs that matter? – well, it’s not an easy question. It depends mainly on what you are considering.

In this edition of What’s On- Gambia, we want to present to you one of the country’s leading DJs in Sweden. His name is DJ Mario and he has contributed in putting The Gambia on the international DJ map.

Mario knows what music means to other people and that’s why his fan base keeps widening. Born in The Gambia, the popular DJ is now based in Stockholm. He once lived in Japan and that was where he started sharpening his deejaying talent.

The Stockholm-based DJ is your go-to-DJ for reggae dancehall, hip hop and RnB. Mario has performed in Finland, Norway, England and among others. He knows what to play and when.

“Mario is cool and he always gets his audience soak with sweat,” said a fan, who attended his gig at a pub in Finland.

DJ Mario has collaborated with other DJs in Stockholm to host some of the most exciting parties in the Swedish capital. Unlike our home-based DJs, he knows how to entertain a diverse audience. He’s a DJ that’s not scared of venturing into other genres of music.

The Gambian star has been the warm-up act for popular artists like Gambian rap group Da Fugitivz, the queen of Swedish reggae Syster Sol and others. He has also deejayed on different radio stations both in The Gambia and abroad.  

Next week, we bring you another popular Gambia DJ!

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