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Introducing SaGG: A charity that helps girls stay in school and reach their full potential
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Introducing SaGG: A charity that helps girls stay in school and reach their full potential

The SaGG Foundation (Sponsor a Gambian Girl) is a girls’ education movement, with the aim of championing the cause for the education of girls in The Gambia. Education is a basic human right and our vision is to advocate this and pair up girls with sponsors to help with their education.

Founded in November 2018, The Foundation has so far paired up 50 girls with sponsors helping to shape their lives through education. Those currently sponsoring girls are from a wide range of countries including The Gambia, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, USA, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Our slogan “education changes everything for a girl” symbolises our strong belief that education is the only tool for total girl empowerment, helping to ensure they live independent and successful lives.  Formal education enables them to develop skills that can help them earn a living and support themselves in the future, reducing child marriage, harmful cultural practices and gender-based violence.

The primary aim of the SaGG Foundation is to advocate education and pair up girls with sponsors to support them financially (paying of school fees).  These sponsorships give the girls access to education and ensure they stay in school.  The Foundation also raises funds to equip girls with essential educational resources to improve their learning experience. In the long term, the foundation aims to:

A. Support mentoring and career advisory schemes for girls and women;

B. Support or establish skills training centres for girls and young adults

C.  Increase the number of girls and women in education, encourage skills development and entrepreneurship;

D. Collaborate with other stakeholders, agencies and associations involved in similar activities or activities consistent with the objectives and goals of the Foundation.

To achieve the aims of the Foundation, various initiatives are employed, our Sponsor a Gambian Girl Champions in their respective countries and cities, use their voices and passion to advocate for girls' education, connect girls with sponsors and contribute in lots of ways.

The Foundation attends awareness days at various locations and will be present at the Gambian Cultural Week in Oslo. Our Norway Champion Betty Marong will be at the Seminar on Friday, August 2nd 2019.   Betty will explain more about the organisation's sponsorship opportunities, which start at a minimum monthly payment of 100 NOK.

Sulayman Suwareh, Eku Grant and Annetta Paps-King will be at the Gambian Cultural Event in East London on 25th  August 2019 to create more awareness of the Foundation and its activities.

From 1st August, The SaGG Foundation will be launching The D1, £1, $1, €1 fundraising campaign drive to equip girls with educational resources for the upcoming academic year in September. You can be part of the campaign by sponsoring a girl, becoming a Champion to help spread the word, by donating educational materials or a donation help with our administrative work.

To donate now for D1, £1, $1, €1 or any other amount click: https://www.gofundme.com/f/equip-gambian-girls-with-school-resources?

Those in The Gambia can donate D1 or any other amount by paying it into the Foundation’s account:

The SaGG Foundation, Guaranty Trust Bank (Gambia) Ltd.

Account Number: 207-408491-110


To learn more about the SaGG Foundation, visit our website: https://www.saggfoundation.org/

 For any further questions, see our frequently asked questions page:


 For daily updates, follow the SaGG Foundation on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet the Volunteers behind Sponsor a Gambian Girl:

Annetta Paps-King– President

Betty Marong– Vice President

Rev. Charles King– Secretary

Tala Jobe– Public Relations Officer

Eku P.L Grant– Deputy Public Relations Officer

Sulayman Ben Suwareh– Treasurer

John Paul Gomez– Deputy Treasurer

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