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Is rapper Killa Ace lying to gain asylum in America?
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Is rapper Killa Ace lying to gain asylum in America?

Now that it is extremely difficult to enter Europe and America, some young Gambians are making false tales of prosecution to win political asylum.

The story of Killa Ace invites a look into the asylum industry in Dakar, Senegal. He claimed in an interview with West Africa Democracy Radio(WADR) that if he returns to The Gambia he will be arrested or worse.

In June 2015, the Baye Nyass Souljahreleased a single critical of the government. He is the first rapper to get into political controversy.

“I adore his courage, but why is he lying that he was in the country shortly after releasing Ku Boka C Geta B? We all know that he released the song in Dakar and decided to remain there under self-imposed exile,” said a fan.

Killa Ace also claimed that he and his family were receiving death threats from people loyal to the government.

“The NIA was already doing investigations about me, calling people. My parents were really worried, they even advised me to get out of Gambia,” he told WADR’s Sheriff Bojang Jnr.

One Ab Gye, who is friends with him on Facebook, described the rapper as “a dishonest character who is looking for an opportunity to settle in America.”

He said: “I don't have any personal issues to settle with him, but I believe it's high time we go after these unscrupulous Gambians who when the going is tough on their side they fabricate stories.

“This guy’s music genre which is rap is not popular with the followers of Gambian music and that is why he was creating beefs with anyone that's popular in order for him to stay relevant. Do you remember the beef with Gee (those of us who are close to them know how it started).

“Now he is playing the new game, when the going is tough, go after Jammeh and run to the Western embassies and claim asylum.”

Killa Ace is having a press conference with online radios in the Diaspora on Sunday. 

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