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Is Sera Ceesay rich or just faking it?
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Is Sera Ceesay rich or just faking it?

From expensive watches, designer outfits to luxury cars and chartered private jets, Nigeria-based Gambian socialite, Sera Ceesay has no shame in displaying her wealth.

While most of her friends in The Gambia are struggling to make ends meet, the mother-of-one appears more than happy to flaunt her luxury lifestyle and even dismisses critics by telling them to stop hating.

On her Instagram, where she has more than 12,00 followers, Sera claims she is a businesswoman, brand influencer, content creator, and a tourist.

She recently wrote: "Whatever you do, you can never be good enough, people will always find something to make you vulnerable, and they never be satisfied. All you can do is that accept yourself and live your life. Don’t try to impress everyone, who really matters will stay by you no matter what. Try to be happy, that is the best revenge you can give to anyone, if they see you are happy."

Some of Sera's fans said she will soon be bigger than Princess Shyngle. The mother-of-one is gaining fame for showing too much skin on social media.

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