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IT’S OFFICIAL! Ebrima Sillah joins Barrow’s team of praise singers
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IT’S OFFICIAL! Ebrima Sillah joins Barrow’s team of praise singers

Information and Communication Infrastructure minister, Ebrima Sillah has officially joined President Barrow’s team of praise singers.

Addressing a crowd from the Lower River Region at the State House on Saturday, the minister described his boss as a true visionary and an incredible leader. He declared he would never betray him.

“Since Barrow came to power no one can say they have lost their chicken or being kept incommunicado by the president’s people. People used to go missing in this country in broad daylight and that’s the kind of lawlessness Barrow has ended,” said Sillah.

He added: “I would exhort President Barrow not to fear anything for because he fought successfully against Jammeh with dignity and valour and that’s what he should continue.

“Less than one year after the elections the political parties started going their separate ways. I will never be part of that.”

Sillah’s remarks at the State House meeting came just less than two months after the sacking of his own party colleagues from the coalition government.  Some political commentators labelled him a ‘snake’ for abandoning the United Democratic Party (UDP) to join Barrow’s team of praise singers.

Former newspaper editor, Nanama Keita wrote on Facebook: “Ebrima Sillah, the ministerial position you’re holding right now; the position that’s making you rant unnecessarily and sycophantly in Barrow’s defence against UDP was handed to you by UDP. Never forget that, Mr Unhonorable Minister!”

One Buba Janneh commented: “Didn't see this one coming...so the honourable is after all not so honourable. Disappointing!”

Jumping to the minister’s defence, Canada-based political commentator, Ahmed Gitteh said Sillah is a patriot while thanking him for defending the president. 

He wrote on Facebook: “Hon. Ebrima Sillah keep your head high up. You are not only a patriot but a man who fought tirelessly for the emancipation of our great country. You were among the founding fathers of the UDP party. Your fight against dictatorship began when some people didn’t even know the meaning of the word.”


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