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Jainaba Chune set to give back with The Projects
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Jainaba Chune set to give back with The Projects

In five months’ time, Jainaba Chune, 23, will graduate with a BA in Business Studies from the London School of Commerce.  This is a dream come true for a not-so privileged young lady who was born and raised in The Gambia.  She’s now set out to give back to others what has been given to her by setting up a foundation called The Projects.

Below reads excerpts from her:

I have recently started working on a Foundation call THE PROJECTS. It is a movement that will be using the power of networking to allow people to share valuable experiences constructively with an aim to inspire young people who have given up or have unanswered questions.

 In as much a proud Gambian, I want to inform my audience that THE PROJECTS is not for Gambians only, rather for everyone who has a valuable story or experience that they would like to share to inspire and influence young minds.

I have always wanted to do something for my country The Gambia and the world at large. I will be discussing issues that can possibly stimulate or hinder individual success. I believe this will give an opportunity to many. I believe in the power of opportunity as my life is what it is today and my dreams are becoming a reality because people who believed in me gave me an opportunity.  I had big dreams with limited opportunities.  I remember staring at the stars in the sky wishing for all the things I have today, I am not referring to money or material things but exposure and higher education. During this time one thing was for sure that I will make my dreams come true. I feel obliged to give back what has been given to me. 

THE  PROJECTS is now more active and busier than ever all thanks to my friend Amie Kolleh Njie who has been a push factor for the projects – she will be in most of the Videos we have  been working on.  Also Rugiatu Touray Yusufu, another committed hard working young lady who is committed to give back to her nation. I am far from perfect and have made mistakes that I am willing to open up and allow others

to learn from.

I visited the Gambia in January 2016 with a hope of working with committed people, but due to not visiting home for two years, personal issues took the most time of my holiday and only small fraction of my proposed work was carried out.

I am calling out to everyone to like and share THE PROJECTS Official page and that way  we can all be up-to-date with the work being done. Please feel free to come on board with any valuable experience.  According to Ory Okolloh “As Africans we need to get better at telling our stories”. 

I conclude by thanking What’s on Gambia for granting me this opportunity!


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