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Jizzle Vs. Uchee: How the beef started!
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Jizzle Vs. Uchee: How the beef started!

Two of the country's most popular young singers, Jizzle and Uchee, are beefing, and many of their  fans want to know how it all started.

Initially, the duo were cordial, according to a source. However, tensions began to rise when Uchee refused to shake hands with the "Turn by Turn" hitmaker during a concert at the Qcity.

"They were best friends," said the source.

Uchee, widely believed to be one of the most talented young singers in The Gambia, recently escalated the feud by releasing a diss track attacking his former friend.

Called "No Ham Lolu" the song generated over 150,000 views in less than one week. One fan commented, "Uchee really killed this shit!"

A Gambian music enthusiast told What's On-Gambia: "I don't think Jizzle will respond. He is a great performer but not a good lyricist. He might fail woefully if he tries to hit back at Uchee."

Meanwhile, Jizzle is currently warming up for his second appearance at Summer Jam - the most popular reggae festival in Germany. He is expected to rub shoulders with international stars like Beenie Man, Burna Boy, and Busy Signal. 

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