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JoeHero & Nina release debut album
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JoeHero & Nina release debut album

The Gambian-German music duo, JoeHero & Nina has released their highly anticipated debut album Voice to Follow online on the 19th March, 2014.

The duo told What’s On-Gambia: “The new album is a combination of our different cultures and musical styles into one universal sound that we are hoping will appeal to our existing fan base and new fans equally.”

The Voice to Follow album consists of a mix of Reggae, World Beat and Alternative Folk music, and so far the album has received positive reviews from music pundits.  It was recorded and mastered in The Gambia by JoeHero and Nina with the aid of Nigerian producer, Ubong Edem Ukor.

The duo is currently in Germany to take their music to the international scene.

They said: “We are grateful for all the support we got from our Gambian fans during our stay in the country and still now online, and we believe it is time to take our music to more countries and possibilities now. So far, we have a few collaborations and shows planned in Germany, and you never know what else could come up in the following months. We are very optimistic and are really just enjoying our time in Berlin.”

JoeHero and Nina are working on their very own Video Blog, which will document their musical journey and time in The Gambia.

“This documentary shows everything we have been through during our time in Gambia, so it will be very interesting to watch for Gambians, as they might remember what they read and heard in the media, and also for non-Gambians who want to learn a bit more about the country.  It will be released Friday, 14th April on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/joeheronina/videos,” they added.


You can get their mp3 album for FREE at Bandcamp.com.


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