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“I’m not a tribalist!” Badibunka clarifies
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“I’m not a tribalist!” Badibunka clarifies

Badibunka has vehemently denied accusations that he is a tribalist as he promotes his upcoming album.  He called the accusations ‘baseless’.

Speaking live on Vibz FM, Badibunka said he has done nothing wrong, and went further to defend his decision to sing only in his native Mandinka.

He told listeners that he’s not the type of artist that promotes tribal alliances in the music industry. According to him, he has fans in every corner of the country.

He said: “An artist should NOT be a tribalist.”

“Tell him to speak other languages in his songs,” a listener suggested.

TheKanu Musu hit maker disclosed that he speaks fluent Wollof, but he’s a Mandinka singer. He used the opportunity to urge Gambians to remain united and accommodate each other. Badibunka stressed that without unity, no meaningful progress would be achieved.

The Badibou-born star is currently preparing to launch his second album. Well-known for his energetic stage presence, Badibunka is one of the most talented and consistent young singers around at the moment.

Click below to watch his Ninataa video.


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