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List of prominent Gambians that took What’s On-Gambia to marabouts
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List of prominent Gambians that took What’s On-Gambia to marabouts

It is unquestionably one of the most controversial online media outlets in the country. What’s On-Gambia has stepped on so many toes since it started publication three years ago. So it’s not surprising that some prominent Gambians at the centre of their sensational stories have been and continue to visit marabouts to cast spell on the publications.

Below we bring you a list of them who took the country’s only tax-paying online media outlet to the marabouts:

Hellen Maroun

Champion wrestler Bala Gaye’s ex wife

Her war with What’s On-Gambia started in the wake of the exposure of her turbulent marriage with Senegalese champion wrestler, Bala Gaye.

Lamin Cham

International DJ and TV presenter

Cham was very furious when he heard that What’s On-Gambia was about to publish an alleged sexual misconduct involving him. The famous DJ did everything possible to block the story.

Saul Frazer

CEO of Global Properties

He is the bad boy of the real estate industry. Saul is not happy with the increasing popularity of What’s On-Gambia. Why? Investigate for yourself!

Yusupha Saidy


He took What’s On-Gambia several times to the marabouts but tuss tass. The 419 multi-millionaire is famous for his sexual trysts with young girls.

Hatib Janneh


The notorious businessman had sexual encounters with a lot of pretty girls both in The Gambia and Senegal – among them former model, Fatou Touray.  But now he is a family man. Alhamdulilah!

Aja Adams

Party drianke

She wasn’t happy when What’s On-Gambia revealed that she snatched her best friend’s husband. Aja is a pretty young mother and famous for posting sexy photos online. Yet, somehow, despite all this, she couldn’t keep a man.

Cess Ngum


What’s On-Gambia’s story on her husband’s embarrassing fall from grace didn’t go down well with her. Cess was also upset when it was disclosed that her marriage is on the rocks.



It wasn’t surprising when What’s On-Gambia heard rumours that Nova took them to a marabout. They were the first media outlet to reveal that he had children with two different women on the same street.


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