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Manding Morry “takes us away” in his new music video
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Manding Morry “takes us away” in his new music video

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, it gives you something to strive for. Sprouting afro-manding star, Manding Morry is now poised to crack into the international music scene. Nayaato dorung!

Last week, he launched a new video for his hit single Nna Kamma. The long awaited video was directed by Nigerian-born producer, Efe Omo Igori of Supagrafix.

Commenting on the video, fellow musician T Smallz wrote: “Most watch video!!! Wicked one Manding Morry!”

The lyrics to Nna Kamma tells the story of a boyfriend who is madly in love. In the video, Manding Morry and his “girlfriend” literally takes us on a journey - with captivating scenes. We get to see them travelling in a boat, driving in a fancy car and sitting in a park. Love oh love!

What's On-Gambia managed to secure a brief chat with Mandingt Morry shortly after the release of the video;

What’s On-Gambia: How was it like producing such a widely appreciated video?

Manding Morry: From the onset I wanted a video that can help sell me internationally. I’m happy with the video and the images are perfect.

What do you intend to gain from the video?

International recognition! I want it to be played on major TV channels around the globe.

How and where do you intend to distribute the video?

On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I will also give GRTS a copy for them to feature it during their programs. I’m also looking forward to having interviews abroad.

Who came up with the concept for the video?

Efe Omo Igori came up with the concept and he killed it. I had to translate and write down every single word into English for him to understand the content of the song.

What do you have to tell your fans?

Always expect the best from me and thanks for all the love and support. I will always be there for you guys. A new album coming in 2014!

Enjoy the video!

Photo credit: Banjul Nightlife (GRTS)

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