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Maroun’s Supermarket “assault video” causes outrage
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Maroun’s Supermarket “assault video” causes outrage

An online video showing a Maroun’s Supermarket staff flogging two young women for alleged shoplifting sparked outrage in social media.

Filmed inside the famous supermarket in the Senegambia Strip, the video has now been viewed more than 20,000 times on Facebook.

Shared on Nakam Gambia’s Facebook Page, the video shows the unidentified supermarket worker beating the defenseless young women with a belt, ignoring their pleas for forgiveness.

According to a source, the women were caught stealing a mobile phone.

One Pac Ous Badjie commented: “This young man should have been taken to court because no matter how serious the crime he doesn't have the right to beat those girls.”

Emam Dampha added: “This man beating is so heartless, why can't he call them and advise them like his own sisters. Making himself so brave by beating young girls like this. What these girls stole is not even more D100 and this shameless man beating them like salves.”

Maroun’s is one of the many Lebanese-owned supermarkets in the country. One of its former managers is Hellen Maroun. When contacted by What’s On-Gambia to help identify the staff members in the video, she declined to comment.


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