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SONA NENJ TIE NENJ: Africell insiders write AGAIN revealing deep secrets
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SONA NENJ TIE NENJ: Africell insiders write AGAIN revealing deep secrets

As promised, here comes Part Two of damning revelations about Africell. To those who read Part One and thought that there can’t be anymore to write about the inhumane and injustice treatments going on at Africell, fasten your seat belt for this uncomfortable ride.

Part two is as follows:


Management made the call center and its agents look in the eyes of the proprietor as a unit that has a lot of problems and can't be handled by Africell, when they were solely responsible. The agents at the call center were never motivated in any form. Imagine working with Africell for more than three to four years without even a single butut increased on your salary. The agent are paid D2800 while GAMCELL are paying D4400 on probation alone, they now hire new agent on internship for D1500 which takes 6 months later probation another 6 months same salary at D1500.


It is very interesting to note that agents were made to sign contracts that entailed very ridiculous clauses. It gave management the power to sack anyhow they like. And the funny thing is no agent is given a copy of his/her contract paper. In fact we were not given the chance to read it properly because they said that if you failed to sign within that short period of less than 10 minutes you are termed as one that don’t agree and will not be given the chance to sign again. Meaning you will lose your job.


At Africell 24/7 call center an agent is given 7 days Excuse Duty (ED) in a year, if you exceed it any extra day or days will be deducted from your annual leave of 15 days and if it continues they will deduct it from your salary continually later the next call you will received from them is that you are ``terminated`` whether it be on your sick bed or dying mat ``YAA HAMM`` you must be healthy all time no sick. 


The welfare and wellbeing of the call center agents has never been priority of the past and the current management what they know is pressuring agents and looking for sacking options they are expert in that area especially KUTUBO KEITA who does not even possess a certificate in management studies. There are eight (8) correct chairs in the whole call center which agents fight over now and then, if you want to enjoy your seat you have to come as early as 7am or 3pm. The AC`s are never in good condition if one is working, three are out of service the same applies to the toilets, urgent repairing are never done this is who we live and if you ask them they will say we sent mail to head office, We use the 20 liters gallon as the lock to prevent someone from bumping in while using the only toilet Available. Mosquitoes bite on broad day light and night other insects come into the fray. The call center is a United Nations of Insects were even the newest nation (South Sudan) is represented. For three years the call center has not been sprayed to with insecticides.


At Africell ``PASS DU DEY MUSAA YORKU`` while they can’t provide adequate transport for their staff, the monthly transport allowance for call center staff is D500 since 2012 while our colleagues in other GSM Companies are paid triple/quadruple. Imagine agents from Banjul, Brikama, brusubi and Brufut walks from the call center at Fajara( Amadou Samba’s house or the Elton head Office) to Westfield others walk from there to Tippa Garage when close at midnight (afternoon shift) you find it difficult to get cars from Fajara at mid night. Those in Brikama get home earliest 2am.How many days can D500 serve if you from Brikama paying D52 per day.

This tells you that Africell will never change as long as the current MD BADARA MBYE is in charge, agents work the whole year NO SALARY INCREMENT NO YEARLY BONUS. He and his wife AMIE SIGNATEH are interested more on what they earn from the call center than the well fare of their agents. Every holiday he BADARA MBYE takes his family to the UK or The US while with the little money we are paid can’t fair us to visit our families in BASSE “Belie Badara yow doo dem sa dallah ya dogg pat te amulo pass” SA BIRR BII HARAM REKK MO FA FESS``.

Billahi Wallahi Tallahi, what we saying is nothing but the truth. We are faithful Muslims and Christians and we know that whatever we say or do in this world, we will be held accountable on judgment day which we believe will surely come.

Part 3 coming soon! It will include the dirty tricks they use to rip off poor and innocent Gambians which ``PURA `` should work on rather than banning FREE NIGHT CALLS.

“Stay tuned to What’s On Gambia and don’t touch the dial” Brothers and sisters from the radio stations will say.

Written by Africell Insiders

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