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Meet the Camara twin sisters helping Gambia’s sick and needy
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Meet the Camara twin sisters helping Gambia’s sick and needy

Awa and Adama Camara are identical twins from The Gambia based in the United Kingdom. They were born in Sibanor. The Camara twin sisters may not be rich but they have a heart of gold which pushes them into charitable work to help make life better for the poor and, less fortunate in their beloved Gambia.

What’s On-Gambia: Can you briefly tell us about yourselves?

Awa and Adama:We are Adama and Awa Camara Twin Sisters. We were born in Sibanor and grew up in Brikama, The Gambia. We are currently living in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

What inspired you both to become philanthropists?

We grew up with people showing us a lot of love because we are identical twins and we do everything together. This inspired us to share what we have with people who might need it more than us. We work in the care sector and we are very fortunate to be surrounded by people who care about us and others. They have been very kind to help us with things that we have been sending to The Gambia.

Tell us about your charitable efforts in The Gambia?

Over the past few years, we have been sending small things like clothing and stuff to different families in The Gambia but in 2018, our employer was very kind to donate some medical equipment which we donated to the Serre Kunda General Hospital. We have again secured more things including mattresses, beds, walking aids, hoists and other materials which we are in the process of sending to the Brikama Major Health Centre. We believe these materials will be of great use once they reach the hospital.

 Which charitable efforts are you most proud of?

To be honest we don't think about that. We are just happy that we can share what we have with other people. However, it is good seeing these things getting into good use and making a difference in other people's lives.

How can people support your charitable efforts?

Anybody who is interested in supporting our cause can help us with either cash or in kind. You can donate to our GoFundMe campaign or if you have any things which we can make use of, then, by all means, please get in touch with us. We are also looking for help to make sure the materials reach Brikama Major Health Centre so if anybody can help with logistics in The Gambia too, that would be much appreciated.

What advice would you give anyone trying to get involved in charity work?

Just start. You don't have to have a million to help other people. It is very rewarding when you can help other people and as Muslims, it is in our religion to help people who are less fortunate. By helping one another we will gradually make a big impact in our motherland, The Gambia.

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